once in a blue moon

Blue Moon Farm Essex began its story in 2016 following the closing of Goose Cove Gardens. When Barbara and Hilary Dombrowski, owners of Goose Cove Gardens, decided to close their Gloucester location and move to Connecticut in 2015, they offered three of their greenhouses to me and my husband.

Once in a blue moon an opportunity comes along that you just cannot let pass you by. For eight years, I was lucky enough to be a seeder and grower at the beautiful Goose Cove Gardens in Gloucester, MA. It was there that I learned organic practices to seed and grow the healthiest vegetable seedlings, herbs, and flowers. Now, Ioffer my plants to customers of my own to nourish and grow in their gardens.

In the Fall of 2015, we moved the greenhouses to our location on Choate Street in Essex, MA and have been up and growing since– striving to pursue the quality of excellence in the exact manner which Barbara taught me. 

We welcome all new customers, as well as old friends and past customers from Goose Cove Gardens, to Blue Moon Farm. Our wish for you all is to have beautiful, lush gardens – whether you are first time gardeners or longtime growers!

My greatest hope for you all is to have successful gardens! Plants will be out for sale when they are well rooted and soil temperatures are perfect for the plants you have chosen, so check back regularly for plant release dates!

Thank you for visiting Blue Moon Farm Essex – happy growing!

Patti & John Byrne